Lets Throw Some Bags!


Michigan Cornhole has been here for 15 years to bring people together for the game of Cornhole. We know that there are people that want to play Cornhole all over Michigan. We are all in our little pockets of the state playing so we have made it our goal to bring everyone together to play this amazing game.


We are excited for the 2023 Leagues, Tournaments & Special Events. Our new Online Store will be up soon. Take a look around the website and see what we have been up to. 



WE ARE THE MCL! The MCL is the Michigan Cornhole League. We are an Organization that is putting the FUN BACK INTO THE SPORT! For far to long we’ve seen players walk away from Cornhole because the same players/teams win over and over again. The MCL is going to change Cornhole in Michigan by having players compete against other players of the same skill level. We have an amazing  Cornhole Community that has become Family and we want everyone to have a chance to win and have fun while doing it. Check out the web site and become a part of the future of Cornhole.