League Format:

In the Michigan Cornhole League you play 2 teams a night best 2 out of 3 matches. This is a 7 week season with the 8th week being playoffs. Everyone makes the playoffs. The boards are 4ft long by 2ft wide. They are placed 27 ft apart from end to end. It is two person teams. One member of each team pitches (underhand only) from one Cornhole platform and the other members pitch from the other Cornhole platform. Both teammates have to be across from each other on the same side of the boards during the games. When throwing each team alternate throws one bag at a time until all four bags are tossed. You can decide which side you play on and who goes first by doing Rock, Paper and Scissors. Whoever wins gets to decide what side of the board their team plays on or who they play against. Then they also get to throw first. The loser gets the other option that the winner did not choose and what bags they want to use. Then for the second game the other team gets to decide and they throw first. If the match goes to the third game they Rock, Paper and Scissors again to decide. 


We will do 2 divisions, Social & Competitive based on interest and amount of teams. This League has something for every skill level. If we don’t have enough teams for 2 Divisions we will combine them into 1 Division. If this happens the Competitive Teams will still pay the same higher registration cost. The reason for this is because Competitive Teams have a higher percentage of Winning the League playing in 1 Division.  


It is 3 points for a bag in the hole and 1 point for a bag on the board. It will be cancellation scoring. So the team with the least points scored is subtracted from the team with the most points scored. That amount is what the team with the most points scored earns that turn. The team who scored in the previous turn shall pitch first in the next turn. If neither pitcher scores, the contestant who pitched first in the preceding turn shall pitch first in the next turn. It is first team to 21 points or over. It is NOT win by two or land right on 21.


Standings are calculated by the amount of wins and losses you get each night. Also, your total points you receive each night. Points are calculated by the amount you won or lost by against your opponent. So if you lost a best two out of three match 21-18,21-17, then you would have (21+21=42)-(18 +17=35)= -7 points. The winner of this match would receive 7 points. Then every week we put you on the standings first by wins and losses and then if there is a tie we will use your total points.

Time & Schedule: 

There will be timers for each board. It will be set at 30 minutes. 30 minutes for best two out of three match. It normally does not take this long to finish the match, so 30 minutes is the max that will be given. If the timer goes off on you then each team will throw down and back to see who wins the game. Whatever the score is after that will be the final. This is in place to keep everything on time and make sure teams are not waiting all night for their games to start. On the schedule you will have times of when your games are to start. Each match is in 30 minute intervals. That is the average time that a best two out of three match
should take. Again If you’re not on your board and ready to play at your scheduled time then it will be a forfeit. Make sure that you are in contact with us if you cannot make the games.


A substitute can be used if one of the players of the team cannot make it to the league that night. You cannot sub out both players. At least one player from the original team has to be there. If both cannot make it then it is a forfeit. When it comes to using a sub you can use any person from outside of the league as league no as it is approved by the Michigan Cornhole Director. If you cannot get someone from outside of the league then let us know and we will try to get you one from within the league. If you need to get a sub from inside of the league we will choose that sub for you. Sometimes we are limited of subs inside the league because everyone else is playing, or the teams that are not scheduled to play until later have not showed yet. As long as we think the sub is fair for that match then you can use them. Now if we don’t know the player it most likely will be approved because we have not seen them play in our leagues or tournaments. You cannot use a sub from inside the league for the playoffs. You must use one from outside the league if you need one that is again approved by the Michigan Cornhole Director. You may not use a player that has won any other League as a Sub. Your team must play at least 4 weeks to qualify to play in the playoffs.


Everyone makes the playoffs. You will be seeded by how you do in the regular season. We will be changing the format of the playoffs going forward. We will have a Double Elimination, Single Game Format. So if you lose you will go to the Losers Bracket. If you lose again then you are Eliminated from the playoffs. The top three teams will receive Cash Prize Money. If you win the Social Division 2 times in a row you must go up to the Competitive Division. If you win the Competitive Division 2 times in a row you must switch partners for the next session. You will be allowed to team back up for the next session if you would like. This is very similar to pick-up basketball where if you win 2 games in a row you are off and then you come back in the following session. 



Strike Bag:

For the new teams to the leagues we do some extra contests within the league to make it more fun and exciting. First contest we do is called a STRIKE BAG drawing. You can buy tickets that are worth $1 per ticket, $5 to the elbow length, or $10 for an arms-length. We draw a ticket every league night around 8:450m. If your ticket gets drawn then you get a chance to throw 2 bags to win the money pot. If you make both bags then you win the whole pot. If you make 1 out of 2 bags then you win half the pot. Then the other half of the pot will roll over to the next week to be won. Now, if the first person that gets drawn does not make any bags then we draw again, and that person will get a chance to win the pot. We draw a total of 3 times max a week. If after 3 draws nobody hits anything then the full pot rolls over to the next week. 

Grand Bag Championship:

The other contest is called the Grand Bag Championship. A Grand Bag is when you put all 4 bags in the hole in a given turn. The bags have to go in one after another though. They cannot be knocked or dragged into the hole. The person with the most Grand Bags at the end of the season wins a cash and the Grand Bag Champion Title Prize.